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Alison Kinder

Alison read music at Oxford and was then given a scholarship by Trinity College of Music where she studied viol with Alison Crum, being awarded the college's Silver Medal for Early Music Studies. She plays with a number of ensembles, including Chelys consort of viols and costumed ensemble Passamezzo where she plays viols and recorders. Alison has a particular interest in Renaissance viols (early viols made with no soundpost) with The Intrepid Academy, who specialise in music of the Italian Renaissance. Venturing into the 18th Century with a beautiful 7-string viol named Flo, Alison plays with trio sonata group Saltarello, and the Christian Baroque ensemble Dei Gratia. She has also occasionally been spotted playing bagpipes, but only when someone else has pipes that are louder!

A keen teacher of both children and adults, Alison is a tutor on a number of Early Music courses, including Rondo Viol Academy, the Easter Early Music Course and Norvis, and leads workshops for the various Early Music Fora. She teaches viol and violin both privately and in schools, and directs the Warwickshire Youth Waits, a Renaissance band for young players which includes everything from recorders and viols to crumhorns, shawms, sackbuts and more!

Alison has had a number of educational books published with colleague and fellow viol player Jacqui Robertson-Wade. They include group teaching material for viols and recorders, and a children's music theory series called 'The Notehouse People'. She has also published a modern edition of the divisions from Christopher Simpson's 'Division Viol' treatise.

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