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La Daphne (first performed Mantua, 1608) by Marco da Gagliano (1575-1642)

July 8 th (arrival) – July 16th (depart morning)

La Daphne performance July 15th in Triora

Additional informal concert July 14 th.

course tutors include: Deborah Roberts, Oliver Webber and Claire Williams

For solo and consort singers: – young professionals, students and experiencd amateurs.

The band is a very flexible group with opportunities of continuo, string and wind players.

Plus talks, workshops and masterclass open to all performers. A total immersion in the exciting world of the early Baroque.

APPLICATION is by email to

This remarkable and highly attractive work was first performed in Mantua in 1608, just a year after Monteverd’s ground breaking Orfeo. As with Monteverdi’s great work, the story is taken from Ovid’s Metamorphosis, and tells of the nymph Daphne’s pursuit by Apollo and her escape via transformation into a laurel tree. Much of the action is described, Greek chorus style, by the shepherds and Tirsi and the full chorus adds a moving commentary as well as taking part in the action. There is a substantial amount of challenging chorus and ensemble work.

In addition there will be opportunities to work on a range of early 17 th-century madrigals, smaller ensembles and solo works, with a strong emphasis on style, verbal declamation and ornamentation.

Read more about La Daphne here:

And listen here:



Daphne soprano
Venere soprano
Amore soprano
Tirsi alto/ high tenor/counter tenor
Apollo tenor/baritone (virtuosic)
Primo Pastore del coro tenor

(but still quite substantial and including duets and trios)

Ninfa del coro soprano
Seconda Ninfa del coro soprano
Secondo Pastore tenor
Ovido tenor
Terzo Pastore baritone

Please note: the tenor parts are in medium range with E generally as the highest note. It would be possible to double some parts, i.e Ovido and Secondo Pastore

Choruses, duets and trios to be sung by members of the cast (SSATTB) plus a few extra consort singers. There will be extra vocal ensemble music for chorus members with no, or smaller, solo roles.

BAND (led by Oliver Webberviolin)

There are vacancies for 2 violins, up to 5 viol or violin family alto to bass instruments, 2 treble recorders (who could also play other instruments). Ollie will tutor in string techniques as well as organising extra chamber music sessions for smaller groups

CONTINUO (led by Claire Williamsharpishord & organ)

Opportunities for players of plucked and bowed strings including bass viol, theorbo, harp, lirone plus 1 keyboard player. Claire will provide excellent tuition in continuo realisation.


Full price place: £375
Student of performance: £200

Please state voice or instrument played, which role(s) you are interested in (or chorus only) or say if you are happy to be considered for any available role.

Give some background information on your experience, qualifications/grades etc.

If interested in a solo role can you also send a link to a recording or You Tube clip, unless you are already known to any of the tutors.

Successful applicants will be sent a booking link allowing them to book securely online for the course. We are not operating an open booking system for this course as it is essential to have the right balance for both singers and players.


APPLICATION is by email to