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Triora Intermedi:   8th - 16th June, 2013

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We had previously advertised a course featuring music from the famous 1589 Florentine Intermedi. As this would require larger numbers of performers than can be accomodated in Triora until the hotel reopens, this course will now be based on smaller scale music but of equivalent quality and variety.

Composers will include Marenzio, Wert and Monteverdi.

The Florentine Intermedi are really just a series of madrigals linked around mythological themes and scored in many different ways: instrumental sinfonias, accompanied madrigals, solo songs, choruses and so on. They were originally planned as interludes between the acts of a play, but these days are mostly performed on their own.

Our Triora Intermedi will follow the same principal with a selection of 16th-century madrigals with texts that in some way relate to Triora: - beautiful mountain scenery, trees, herbs and flowers, rivers and waterfalls. These will be arranged in many creative ways using the vocal and instrumental forces of the course participants. We will thus work together in a large group for some items, and in smaller groups for others. The course will culminate in a concert on Saturday June 15th.

As we can take only a limited number of participants on this course all applicants need to competent performers and readers.
Singers should be able to hold a line by themselves, sing well in tune and have clear voices without too much vibrato.
Advanced and student singers will have a chance to work on solo songs and ornamentation. If you wish to be considered for solos please send an audition CD or link to a Youtube clip.

We can accept players of a wide range of renaissance instruments: plucked and bowed strings (including violin family), percussion, woodwinds and brass, but there would be limited opportunities for those offering only loud winds.
It will also be possible to both play and sing in different items.
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