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Dido and Aeneas

Dido Michaela Syrova 2nd woman & 1st witch Kat Carson
Aeneas Andrew Robinson 2nd witch Lise Kåg
Belinda Emily Gadd Sailor Chris Foren
Sorceress Rosie Midgely Spirit Turi Henderson

Our performance of
Dido and Aeneas
on 16th June 2012
was filmed in these 5 clips.

You can also view all 5 as a playlist at

Links to more pictures

Nadya De Angelis album

Turi Henderson Flickr page

Four more youtube links- from a different camera- fixed at back of the square- Thanks Andrew!
Chorus of courtiers, witches and sailors:
Sue Winbolt-Lewis, Ginger Griffiths, Lise Kåg,
Kat Carson, Amanda Simpson-Atkins
Mezzos and Altos:
Sue Millar, Maggie Phelps, Silvia Reseghetti, Turi Henderson, Fiona Johnson, Giuliana Preti
Jean Paul Sinclair, Stephen Clarke, Christopher Foren
Maurice Shipsey, Jason J Jeffries, Michael Bishop

First violin & tutor Julia Bishop
Second violin Jenny Hill
Viols Sigrid Schwarz, Hazel Cheetham
Cello Annie Nethercott
Harpsichord & repetiteur Claire Williams Director and course organiser Deborah Roberts

Imp Silvie Adams
The Real Triora Witch Antonietta