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The Triora Intermedi; 8th - 16th June, 2013
Rivers, streams, rocks, mountains, flowers, birds and starry nights.
Course director Deborah Roberts
Course fee 300 (150 for students)

Everything that is so beautiful about Triora celebrated in a sequence of Italian madrigals by Marenzio, Wert and Monteverdi and arranged for voices and renaissance instruments in the manner of the great Florentine Intermedi!

Intermedio 1: Rivi, fontane e fiume (streams, fountains and rivers)
Intermedio 2: Vezzosi augelli (delightful birds)
Intermedio 3 Monti sopra mont' imposti (Rocks and mountains)
Intermedio 4 Questi odorati fiori (beautiful, fragrant flowers)
Intermedio 5: Sfogava con le stelle (stars, night and skies)

A course for solo, and consort singers and players of renaissance instruments (includes violin family at 440)

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