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Travel to Triora

From the South of England

We will provide a bus to meet the latest of the flights from Nice.  It is a journey of around 2 hours and the cost will be £50 return.

From London, EasyJet operate low cost flights to Nice from Gatwick, Luton and Stanstead airports ( ….the earlier you book the cheaper they are!

There are also flights with BA from Gatwick and Heathrow ( There are also  companies offering good value car hire from Nice ( is the best value) for those who maybe wish to travel independently or extend their visit.


 You can also fly very cheaply from Stansted on Ryanair to Genoa, but would either need to arrange car hire,  or travel by train to Arma di Taggia where the coach from Nice could arrange a pick up on the way to Triora. As the Genoa flights are quite early in the morning, it can provide the opportunity to visit Genoa for a few hours first.  Luggage can be left at the station.   (http://www.flybmi.comoffer flights from Heathrow to Nice at slightly higher prices

If you need any advice do email or telephone: (01273 823788)

From the North of England

Easyjet also flies from to Nice from Liverpool and Newcastle, with flight times generally not very different to those in the South. From Leeds there are also budget flights from Jet2 .


Other parts of Europe

Easyjet again offer flights to Nice from: Basel, Belfast, Berlin, Dortmund, Geneva and Paris. There are also train services to Arma di Taggia or San Remo

 New budget airlines are springing up all the time so it is well worth hunting on the web for other offers.

We would advise you to book your flights early in order to get the lowest prices. 

We will always publish the recommended flights for each course so that we can time the bus to meet as many as possible, as well as arranging pickups from Taggia station.


Click for a map of Triora

Map of Triora


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