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Triora is one of a collection of ancient hill towns that grace the lovely Argentine valley in the region of Liguria, close to the French border. Being near the top of the valley it is surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery with facilities for walking, rock climbing, mountain biking and guided tours in off-road vehicles.

Much of the architecture dates back to the 12th century, but its period of greatest fame was during the 16th century when a number of witch trials were conducted by the Inquisition. The town has an interesting museum of witchcraft and local traditions, and to this day has a powerful association with witches. Some descendents of the original witches can still be seen in the town, and at Halloween there is an enormous festival which draws peole from all over Europe and beyond.

. There is a general supply store, a famous delicatessan, a first rate pizzeria and two bars which now also serve snacks and light lunches. Opening hours vary with the seasons so we will update you on arrival.

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