Triora Musica
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Triora Musica offers summer courses in renaissance and baroque music within one of Italy's most beautiful medieval hill towns, perched high in the Ligurian Alps.

Triora Musica courses for 2016:

June 25th -July 3rd


Francesca Caccini -La liberazione di Ruggiero dall'isola di Alcina
For solo and consort singers and early instruments- plus additional consort music for voices and instruments, and optional masterclass

Course tutors include: Oliver Webber, Deborah Roberts and Claire Williams

Ruggiero was performed at Brighton Early Music Festival in November 2015, directed by Deborah Roberts and with the orchestra led by Oliver Webber. It received outstanding reviews-read one here by Guardian writer Tim Ashley, who voted the Brighton production of Ruggiero into his top ten classical events of 2015

Course over

July 9th- 17th


Music from Italian renaissance convents
(with optional daily yoga)

A soul cleansing week of total immersion in beautiful meditative music in a place of outstanding natural beauty, with a daily yoga option to deepen the experience, relax muscles and improve vocal technique. Includes music by Cipriano de Rore, Palestrina and a mysterious anonymous composer of mesmerising brilliance who was probably Leonora D'Este, the nun daughter of Lucrezia Borgia. For experienced female singers from high sopranos to low altos and tenors

Course tutors: Laurie Stras and Deborah Roberts

Vourse over

Sept 3rd -11th


Palestrina and the Roman school

Including his 6- voice Missa Assumpta est Maria.
A course for experienced choir singers

Course tutor: Deborah Roberts

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Neighbouring Corte and Andagna

with thanks to Peter Hilton for photo

Church of San Bernardino
Relaxing with prosecco after a busy day
Band rehearsal for the 1589 Florentine Intermedi in 2015
View from Casa Convento
Appollo slays the witches: Florentine intermedi 2015
Scene from Dido and Aeneas 2012